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August 7, 2011

Where's our lovely monochrome sitting room disappeared to?

I am getting impatient for THE MOVE to happen, in my head all the clutter has already got a place and suddenly there’s loads of space, glorious space…

This being a day of rest however, think it’s best to note down the activities that need to be completed over the next week, so that posterity can be my judge:

  • Bank references/statements approved
  • Contracts drawn and signed
  • Removal men/packing/unpacking
  • Assorted hospital appointments
  • Nurseries/Doctors primed
  • DIY sorted
  • Fridge ordered

The logistics of moving still need to be finessed – what with the removal men coming on Thursday, the move happening on Friday (via mum’s to pick up a sofa and a chest of draws), with unloading potentially not til Saturday.  Friday will be fun as we need to be in two places at once: London with the movers; and Shrewsbury with the estate agents ideally at the house so we can take receipt of the Ikea delivery.

Not to mention the day to day of looking after a 2 month old, and a 3 year old (who may or may not be developing chicken pox as i speak, fingers crossed that 7 spots does not a pox make).  But, only a few more days of madness to go, before the week’s out we’ll be in our fabulous new house.  Nesting in our 70’s box amongst the tudor eaves…

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