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August 13, 2011

Just quick note, courtesy of ‘Solva’, who i fear may be pressed upon a fair bit over the next few days for some sly free broadband (note to self, do not give out blog to neighbours).

So, we’re in!  The Bushell’s boys worked like mentalists all of Friday – 2 days to pack and move by them and yet it’ll be a fair few more from us, not helped in the least bit by the somewhat random assigning of names and things to boxes.  Next time we might pack ourselves, spend more time sifting and ensuring that everything is in right place before the move so that the unpacking is quicker.  Next time though we won’t have a 2 month old and a toddler with chicken pox so everything can be a little bit more relaxed (or is that optimistic?!  Age and experience does not a more pliable child make.

Anyway – we worked through the night (well close to it anyway), and have sorted (ish) out the kitchen.  The rest is following in its own sweet time.  I think it’s best to live in a house before you rush to put away the silver (?????!!!!!).

Right, G&T has hit, dinner is served, and i’m outta here.

They were chuffed to be able to go over the wall

Athena eat your heart out

So it's interesting from the front

First half of sitting room...

...and the other half!

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  1. Alison faiers permalink
    August 13, 2011 11:54 pm

    Glad to see you’ve made it. Obvs always a London home for you with me. But hope to catch up with you soon. A xxx

  2. August 16, 2011 6:15 pm

    The packers – it is a pain but you do have to be organized for the buggers all right. I remember on one of our moves where we had the movers do all the packing, then, when eventually unpacking, coming across some large wrapped item – figured it must be a breakable. After carefully unwrapping a couple of rainforests worth of newsprint I finally got to the item itself: a small unwashed plastic take-out container. Without the lid.

    Five years after we moved to the States, we still had two boxes that weren’t unpacked! But it will happen.

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