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Another day, another plum pudding

August 22, 2011

I'd like to thank Delia for the inspiration, and Penny for the plate...

We met Geoffrey today, our gardener (not too sure i’ll ever get bored of saying that).  He turned up at 9, and didn’t leave til about 1pm.  Thank god someone’s looking after the garden, as it’s way beyond my capabilities.  I could barely keep the snooker table sized plot in London under control and alive, Lord knows what will happen when we move to somewhere bigger and properly in the countryside.  I know that i should be watching what he does like a hawk.  Not to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth, but to learn!!!  Maybe next time though, as today we were too busy cooking.

Tomorrow will be another hectic day – as Adam bombs it to London and back to finish the last odds and sods on the flat before the ballerinas move in on Wednesday (notice how our once ‘house’ has now been relegated to ‘flat’, since we’ve moved into somewhere more befitting the title ‘house’).  Fingers crossed that Trilby sleeps better tonight, poor thing – the new bar ‘n’ boots and chicken pox combo has set her back a bit.  Where she was once sleeping through with no problems, we’re now up and down settling her more times than a whore’s knickers on payday.

Right, back to my gripping novel (thank you mum for leaving it behind – i’ve got a stack of ‘worthy’ books to read, but this one’s much more pulp, and therefore more enticing…) – The Leopard, here i come…

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