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Preparations Ahoy!

August 23, 2011

Cosmo not fooled by the fact that all these parcels are addressed to Adam

With only 3 days left til Cosmo turns 3, we’re starting to turn our attention to what needs to be done for the wee man.  This year we’ve actually bought him some presents, rather, Adam’s bought lots of toys that he would love to play with.  Which i guess is what it’s all about, as we’ll obviously be spending many hours playing with them too.  Talking of the wee man, potty training not going off to the stellar start that the chart that we created suggested it would.  Tomorrow (or Thursday…) we’re going to get serious.  Honestly.

Met next door neighbour’s teenage daughter today, they’re going to come round tomorrow and ‘scrimp’ some of our plums…will approach the babysitting question.  MWAHAHAHA, our plan is coming together.  Soon we shall have plum jam and a night out.  (hopefully).  Though the hat needs to start settling better else we’re not going anywhere…

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