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Mother knows best

August 24, 2011

Luckily Adam was right, you can barely see the marks in this photo (though you can see the mess)

Damn, damn and triple damn.  She said not to buy a black fridge.  She said that you’d see the finger marks.  She was right.  Luckily for most of the time I can ignore them as the fridge is in the shade, and the intention is to get as many magnets as physically possible and cover the bugger with drawings and lists etc etc.  However, in the meantime, at certain times of the day, it catches the sun, and all the little marks can be seen brighter than neon.  Infact, what can be seen most clearly is my wipe marks where i’ve tried to get rid of the damn finger marks.  Would be better with finger marks.  Whatever, am obsessing and need to stop.  Please visit and bring magnets!

So the neighbour never came over to scrump (think i may have thought the word was ‘scrimp’, bloody new fangled country language), and is now off on holiday for a week, so will have to wait a bit longer to get friendly and proposition the daughter.  Meanwhile however will get Cosmo settled in at his new nursery, and then scout around for possible babysitters there.  Am sure that there’s a thriving underground network of teenagers just waiting to come round to our house and babysit for tuppence an hour (lord, if the nursery’s cheap, imagine what the babysitting rates must be!).

Had an opportunity to investigate Shrews city centre today – the high street and two mini-malls.  All the usual suspects accounted for, plus as an added double-plus bonus, a QVC outlet store.  Roll-on xmas and lots of ridiculously random presents!  Didn’t actually go in, so this is a gross assumption on my part, will save that joy for a rainy day.  There were other shops i also didn’t enter into, but for different reasons.  Lots of lovely homey shops.  I’ve my eye on some ye olde schoole shop scales, which will go perfectly in my imaginary perfect kitchen.  No doubt useless functionally, and way (weigh ha ha ha) overpriced, but since i didn’t go in and check them out i can keep the dream alive.  I will resist. I must.

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  1. torunn calmeyer ringen permalink
    September 4, 2011 8:56 am

    Mothers are always right! You shoulkd know Rosie!!!
    love from torunn

    ps. what a lovely place – and a nice blog. ………and of course the best children

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