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New College

September 1, 2011

Have a few hours inbetween the Turners leaving and The Cousin(s) arriving, so thought i’d quickly jot down some thoughts, whilst taking a break from the crossword and a bit of pottering cum tidying and my 6th cup of coffee (i tell you, am getting used to this life of leisure).

So, Adam’s started work.  Enrolment commences today – he gets to meet some of his students and over the next few days will allocate them their classes based on their results and wants.  Then the timetable will be finalised, but, if it stays as it is (fingers crossed) he won’t be working Mondays, so every weekend will be a bank holiday weekend!  Result!  Would be so great, and means that the financial loss of only working a .7 job is totally mitigated by the lifestyle that results.  Also works perfectly since the nursery can’t accommodate Cosmo on a Monday morning.

He’s met a few of the characters that work at New College already, and everyone is warm and friendly (even showing him the way to the loo…?!!!).  As he says, the main difference so far is that whereas in Rickards everyone bitched about management behind their backs, at New College it’s all out in the open; gotta love that northern frankness (even if we are only in the midlands).

The health worker came yesterday, she left with a bag of plums, so think that i bribed her sufficiently not to tell the authorities about The Hat’s hammock-in-the-cupboard.  But not only did she leave me with another of those bookstart bags (cor blimey am a sucker for a useful canvas bag i really am), but also a magazine with numbers and times for all the baby classes, baby sitters, activity places etc etc.  Wednesday mornings is ‘baby bootcamp’, that’s just exactly what i need to kick-start my fitness regime (i need some help to open the xbox zhumba box, it’s taunting me even now from behind the TV, but perhaps a humiliating session infront of other mum’s is what i need to spur me onto daily exercise again).  And if the neighbours teenage daughter turns out not to be the perfect babysitter, then there’s other options afoot.

Back to the crossword now, how ironic that i can’t seem to find the answer to 9 across (rushed for time (2,1,5))…

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  1. September 1, 2011 1:14 pm

    “in a hurry” but I’m sure you knew it really 🙂

    Xbox Zumba sounds fun, well up fir that when we come visit. x

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