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That’s the easy bit

September 4, 2011

Wipe on, wipe off. Perfect.

My first project began yesterday – tablecloth and chair covers.  The tablecloth’s the easy bit, though i may have slightly messed that up (never mind, tablecloth attachments will come to my rescue).  The seat cover’s the thing.  Sadly, i forgot to get Katie to advise me whilst she was up for her birthday – other than to say that my sewing machine (or rather mum’s) might not be up to snuff.  We’ll see…

It had it’s first official christening today, with the joint celebration of Mum and Kate’s birthday.  Fared pretty well, though we are feeling somewhat worst for wear after an exhausting (but wonderful) week of guests.  Will be good to get our little Star into a more settled routine next week, as he’s exhausted after a first week of pre-school/new nursery and many late nights and early mornings entertaining friends and family.

Not many plums left thank goodness after the Turner’s prolific eat-athon and my mum and Katie taking away plastic bag’s full of them.  However, the apples must be harvested over the next few weeks if we’re ever to make cider.  The hunt for a fruit picker begins in earnest tomorrow, and the pantry (oh how i love to say that) will come into its own.

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