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September 5, 2011

Begins in earnest now, what with a fortnight to ourselves.  Though, due to Adam’s Monday’s off, it hasn’t really felt like a start of the week, more like a relaxed Sunday – with the only tell-tale sign being that the doctors was open (had to book some more appointments, such a lovely reminder that we’re not in London, talking to a lovely receptionist who was able to book us in almost straight away, as opposed to some moody-arsed teenager who claims that the earliest appointment would be when hell freezes over).  No1 child is sickening with a cold, so hopeful that No2 child will hold out til Thurs when she’s supposed to get her 12 week shots (they’re already a bit late cos of the pox), otherwise I fear that it could be spring before we are free of cold what with nursery and college being a ripe breeding ground.  That said, no tube or pollution (or work! for the time being) to worsen the symptoms so perhaps it won’t be that bad.

Though it was a relaxing day, we (Adam) still managed to get the pictures up in the sitting room – which is great, but now that there’s not piles of frames cluttering the sides of the room it feels even bigger!  Would be great to get everything up by next weekend, and if i manage to colour code the books (as is my intention), then other than the regulatory requirement to go to Ikea to get a few Billy’s and more tupperware/storage solutions, we should be totally sorted.

Man i love tupperware, this is, quite literally, only the tip of the iceburg

However, before the zhumba, before the baby boot camp, and definitely before any mummy dates, I need to ascertain the correct pronunciation of Shrewsbury (shroo or shrow??).  Will be making a concerted effort to ask all who I meet what they think.  Results soon.

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  1. Karen permalink
    September 5, 2011 8:23 pm

    The vote from the Dix family is Shrows ….

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