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Taming the shrew

September 7, 2011

(am sure i shouldn’t be using this obvious title up for this post, but hey…)

So far the votes are coming thick and fast for ‘Shrew’ rather than ‘Shrow’.  However, it has to be taken into mitigation that the only people who i’ve asked are nursery workers or health practitioners, every one of them naturally inclined to be sympathetic to a simple person, which to them i so obviously am.  I particularly liked the “It’s spelt Shrew so that’s how it’s said” response, accompanied by a look that said “you can read can’t you?”.  Tomorrow i’ll test out the postman, he already thinks i’m slightly mad since i flew out of the house after him (The Hat flapping around my neck), wanting to know if i should drive or could walk to the postal pick-up place (typically was out yesterday when the only exciting thing arrived, or tried to arrive).  He suggested that i drove.  Or get it re-delivered.  I opted for the later as the former seemed too complicated.

As you can see from the above, my social interactions are somewhat limited at the moment.  Have attempted the xbox Zhumba, the shame.  I can’t even keep up with the basic learn the moves bit before you even get into ‘playing’.  Shame.  On my sweaty red face.  Though today there was light as the ‘teacher’ turned green.  Twice.  Which i think means that somehow it’s interpreting my frenzied jerks as the correct dance combination.  But blink and you’ve missed it.  More anon on that.  Soon i will venture out into places where there are real people…but not til i can at least do 20 mins without having a cardiac arrest (from laughing at my own utter inability to follow instructions).

No pics yet of the colour ordered books, did them wrong, need to do them again (and who said i wasn’t anal?).

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