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Thursday’s child was full of…cold

September 8, 2011

Not quite happy with it, but will have to do for now

Typical.  Now that the stress of moving etc has worn off, and as the last boxes were being unpacked, i’ve come down with the mother of colds.  For the past few days have been thinking each evening that this is the peak of it and i’ll start to feel better tomorrow.  Well, it’s got to be the crest now.  Cold is compounded by a cough, and as The Hat’s still in with us, i’m trying not to cough too much, which is obviously like a red rag, meaning that i want to cough all the time.

But, cause for celebration despite that setback, as indeed the last malingerers are unpacked.  Final push on the paintings this weekend and we’ve done it!  1 month.

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