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Bordering on brilliant

September 10, 2011

They do Thomas the Tank Engine weekends too!!!

We did our first family excursion into the borderlands today.  Llangollen.  32 miles away, just over into Wales.  They have a steam railway (the closer one in Telford doesn’t seem to be working) which runs through a valley that is devastatingly pretty.  Sadly The Hat didn’t enjoy it as much as her brother, who was in his element.  She had a temperature and is developing my disgusting cold, though our little universe hasn’t seemed to be much bothered about his version, so hopefully she’ll be similar.

I could wake up to this view forever

The journey there was easy (next time we’ll take the b roads and really live a little), there and back and we didn’t even get through a kermode podcast…but as we crossed the border, i kid you not, the horizontal rain that you only seem to get in the welsh valleys started.  Whatever, there were sunny spells and train enthusiasts to mock.  That said, it was fun!  Little universe’s excitement and innocence was intoxicating, and sitting in old first class carriages surrounded by nutters and kids going sedately through the beautiful valley was a most enjoyable way of spending a Saturday afternoon.

Almost everyone enjoying themselves

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