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It’s been raining men

September 13, 2011

So, after our version excursion on Saturday, we rested for the rest of our weekend (3 day weekends are so the new 2 day weekends).  Didn’t even manage to put anymore paintings up.  In fact, have grown so accustomed to the large mirror being in the corridor, and various works stashed in corners and on top of  drawers that it clean slipped my mind until i stubbed my toe this morning.  Was admiring my new shoes.

oh yeah baby

Am a bit enamoured of Next at the moment, i think that that may be wrong and a sign of either my impending middle-agedness, or my new quaint country tastes, or worse still, both.  Yesterday i was v chuffed with my ability to buy cheap shoes (that weren’t crocs) that looked good and were comfortable.  Today, my brief madness has subsided as i realise that they are not infact the most comfortable pair of loafers i’ve ever bought.  And that whilst loafers were a shoe that i wore for 5 years at school, they were never very bloody comfortable then.  Ah well, painted loafers and bell bottoms is not therefore the country style i shall be adopting.

Anyway, to the men.  We had loads today.  Geoff the gardener, Tom the dyspraxic BT man and Keith and his glaziers.  Geoff worked solidly for 4 hours (only one cup of tea!!!  And even that i had to force on him…).  He was mainly moving rotting apples (to my shame), but what’s to be done?  There were no ‘fruit pickers’ left in the local garden centres, and we haven’t yet quite sorted out the storing, let alone the pressing.  Tee hee, the girls can help this weekend….we’ll get drunk and do it the old fashioned way (sheet held under, wobbly person batting at branches on top…), perhaps we can do some wasailing to accompany the ancient ritual.  Tom, brilliantly, somehow managed to drive his van into the carport.  Ripping the supporting beam in two.  I got back from picking up no1 child from nursery to find him writing a note, which perhaps i should have let him finish as proof.  It took him less than 5 seconds to sort the line out (broandband sill courtesy of solva at least until the end of the month grrrrrrr), and we’ve got his personal number and now need to sort out recompense and mending (grrrrr).  Keith, and his burly men jollied in and sorted out the window (only one cup of tea) in record time, though it’s a pity that they arrived at 3pm having said that i’d be the first job at 8.30!!!

For each and every visitor today the answer was shroo.  Have yet to meet a shrow-sayer, and until then the votes still on.  Though apparently (and am not entirely convinced that someone isn’t having Adam on), it can also be said ‘shoo’, so there maybe a 3rd way…

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  1. September 13, 2011 7:49 pm

    PS. How selfish am i? Not a word about Adam’s first day at school, with students! More on that tomorrow…x

  2. Kate Lane permalink
    September 15, 2011 7:21 am

    hmm shiny loafers.. This is what happens when you have girls suddenly shiny shoes and pink things become your favourite two. Doesn’t matter how old they are, I too own a pair of shiny high heeled brogues (?!) and will default to pink at a drop of a hat/ apple..

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