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Wave your pants in the air

September 18, 2011

Well, we’ve finally done it.  Taken the plunge and started the potty training.  Luckily as we’re such nazi’s about chocolate and sweets it’s been relatively easy (so far…), a star and a smartie (two for a poo) being the incentive.  A few accidents yesterday, resulting in hopefully a temporary glitch of not wanting to wear pants at all (happy to go commando though), but today was fine (though still no pants per se).  So, fingers crossed only a few more days of having to carry the potty around and then we’ve only got another 18 months of nappies left!

We had grand ideas of climbing the Wrekin this weekend, but sadly the weather and the potty-training dictated that the only sights we showed Mona and Gill were the Meole Brace shopping centre and a somewhat disappointing restaurant.  I am still gutted though that it’s not pronounced ‘wrecking’, as was having great fun laughing at all the shops (Wrekin Cars etc), although ‘reeking’ (how you apparently do say it) is still causing some amusement – (Wrekin Carpets).

Am going to write up a list of all the places we should visit in the next few months, and then come hell and high water we’ll get through it.  Future visitors be ready for Wrekin havoc (ha ha ha).

Needless to say the apples haven’t been picked either.  Hey ho, there’s always next year.

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