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Granny knows best

September 24, 2011

Oh it’s been wonderful having Granny Claire and Aunty Zoe here for the past few days…no1 child has loved it especially.  Though some of the games she’s been encouraging may have legacies that were not exactly intended (wearing his potty on his head and exclaiming that it’s such a wonderful hat is all well and good when there’s nowt in said potty but…!).

Burying treasure and making a map (but what happens when the treasure's buried and there's no granny to make a map?)

Running to find the treasure

The heroes return with their loot

We happened upon the ‘farmers market’ in town yesterday.  Wonderful meat and cheese and bread, but not exactly the smorgasboard of local delicacies that i envisaged, and certainly (other than the bread) not a great amount of actual local produce on display, think that we need to make it down to the Ludlow market for some actual locally produced and sourced stuff (hopefully).  Need to start venturing out into the countryside a bit more and find some local farms to get our eggs etc…

Adam’s yet to take any photos of his work, but check out his commute…this is the life eh?

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