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Pleasant picking fun

September 26, 2011

oh the concentration, oh the upper arm strength

And so at last, we’ve made a start of it!  Well, i say ‘we’, obviously i mean Adam…a fruit picker has been procurred and we’ve started harvesting the last of the apples.  Funny thing apple trees, despite dropping what seems to be an entire orchard’s worth of apples already, once you start picking the ones left in the tree you realise just how many there are.  It could take a while.

the more you look, the more there are

I may even have to get my hands dirty and muck in with this hard manual labour (heaven forfend such a thing – though i could possibly convince myself that alongside woefully coordinated zhumba, 20 mins of apple picking will aid the post-baby-fat-loss).

And yet, this is only the start, for we have to store the darn things, and to stop them from rotting they have to be packed so that they’re not touching otherwise they go off.

Now we've got to pack them

That’s a job in itself…and they need to be saved until November when Snare comes to visit with his super-duper new range juicing machine (nb Snares, please bring one as i’ll be buying it for Adam’s bday pressie…) and then we can make apple juice, which apparently just turns itself into cider after a couple of months.  I still can’t quite believe that it really is that easy to make cider, but if it is, then it’ll be ready for the new year.  And if it’s not, then we’ll be drinking a lot of not-so-very-fresh juice from here until eternity.  Of course, if we don’t manage to store them properly, then we’ll be sitting on a hell of a lot of rotting vegetation, which could get quite nasty.  Right, am off now to start putting paper layers between the apples, fingers crossed the internet is right, and you really only need one layer of paper (thank god for the packers and the forest of paper they used…man we’re so green, recycling it all…and having the foresight to keep it…).  This whole enterprise could take a while.  Would probably be cheaper just to buy a few gallons of cider, but then, where would the fun be in that?!????!!! (ahem, in the ability to drink it now?!)

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  1. September 26, 2011 8:02 pm

    Consider this scenario juiced!

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