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Shrewsbury WAGs

September 28, 2011

Cor, it’s amazing just how quickly monotony sets in.  Is so easy to fall into a kind of daily lethargy when there’s no guests and Adam’s at work.  Get the kids their breakfasts, get no1 child to nursery, sleep and feed and sleep no2 child before picking up no1 child, more sleeping and feeding, and then bathing then bed.  Inevitably there’s a doctors or hospital appointment in there somewhere for me, and that’s all folks.  Exciting huh?  Today i got to go to Shrewsbury hospital, a place that am sure i’ll be visiting frequently as have now moved half of my care up here (the other half remains down in London, and have got a mad dash there infact on Friday).  All very stressful, no parking, no idea where i was going…all for a 5 min appointment at which the consultant cheerily informs me that he’s retiring and could i come back in January thank you very much.

However, i have met my first shrewsbury FC wag!  She owns the foot spa in town (with the fabulous fish that nibble away the dead skin), and is married to the local goalkeeper (div 2? is that what’s it’s called now?).  I think that she was somewhat offended when i called her a WAG (hmmm, how to make friends and influence people eh?).  Of course, as soon as she said that she was married to the goalkeeper i couldn’t help but shout, tourettes-style, at her ‘WAG!’.  Then spent the rest of my appointment trying to be nice and find common ground, as i imagine i’ll be going there a fair bit (£35 for a leg/underarm wax AND 40 minutes of foot eating fishiness, would be rude not to…plus loyalty card.  Man, considering how long i’ve worked in marketing it’s a marvel that those promotional tricks work at all, but boy, i think they work even better when you know that they’re a swizz of sorts…whatever – give me a ‘free’ go once every 6 months…).  But that, ladies and gents, is the extent so far of my out and aboutness.  I will try harder i promise.

In the meantime Adam’s working hard.  Ofsted next week, and an informal internal assessment tomorrow.  Obviously he’ll sail through them both, but that doesn’t stop him worrying and working.

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