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Baked Off

October 2, 2011

Sadly the weather here today not as glorious as it has been.  But yet we baked, oh how we baked!  Infact so much so that i’m still feeling rather sick, i can see why the majority of people who worked on the Great British Bake Off put on at least 1/2 a stone.  Sugar is just so easy to eat, and man alive, does it go well with cream.

I'd like to mother for the magimix, and my cousin for the bakery book...

Meanwhile, back at the daily drudgery, we thought we’d try to wean the hat of the dummy.  We were too impatient for her to find her thumb and so stuck the dummy in more or less straight away (oh the lot of a subsequent children, they don’t get the luxury of a mother draped over their cot for the first 6 weeks of their lives as the first child does).  And it did work a dream, she’d been sleeping through like a trooper.  However the past week or so she’d been waking up more or less every hour, and as you can imagine this was starting to make us rather crazed.  So we resolved to let her cry it out.  She knows perfectly well where her thumb is.  However, as was proved by her entry into this world, she is a stubborn thing and resolutely refuses to substitute her dummy with her own digits.  And she has won (also, she has slept through for the past 2 nights again, thus proving that she can still do this).  Dummy is now back.  However, if she wakes up again tonight, we’ll have more resolve, i promise.

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