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October 4, 2011
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Gosh i forgot how much i love yoga!  Have decided to get myself to classes, as i can’t be trusted to do any practice on my own without some kind of proverbial kick up the arse.  Assumed (wrongly), that i’d be able to find an ashtanga class pretty easily, and that infact i’d have my pick of days/times etc etc.  However, of course, this is the Styx.  Have managed to track down what appears to be the only ashtanga class, and even then it’s only every other week, alternating with Hatha.  Luckily, it’s round the corner so i popped along yesterday for my first session.  Two and a half hours later i left feeling amazing.  Luckily it was the Hatha week, so not quite as full-on as my usual.  Thank God.  I can feel it today.  Ooh, that lovely slightly sore feeling in places that you didn’t think had muscles (eg in-between the ribs).  But it’s bought home just how unfit i am.  So have resolved to do a bit everyday…though i missed today (walked for an hour with the hat on/in sling and did house cleaning instead).  But must do tomorrow, and maybe try whilst i’m down in London for the kids Ponsetti appointments and staying at my mum’s (mum – make me!!!).

Certainly wasn’t the clientele that i’m used to in a yoga class.  I think that i was probably almost the youngest there…so i did worry when i walked in that perhaps it would be a bit yoga-lite.  But it wasn’t, and some of them old folk, man can they stretch.  Even a few men in the class (though of the kind that you normally find in a yoga class, ie slightly odd/new age).  However, am sure that everyone is very nice, and who knows, i may even start to make friends there!  Though i do worry about people who do yoga seriously.  I fear that they all have a body/temple aesthetic and so won’t therefore be any fun.  But considering i’ve been loving the yoga now for over 10 years (oh my god), and i still count myself as relatively normal, perhaps i shouldn’t be quite so prejudiced.

The hat’s back to her night-time tricks.  I think it’s hunger.  So despite all health visitor/website/official advice i got out the baby rice and tried to force feed her.  She really wasn’t interested, but i think i got 1/2 ounce down, so we’ll see if that makes any odds.  Am still determined to not properly wean til 6 months (as have convinced myself that if i can do that, then i can do this new-fangled ‘baby led weaning’, which i’ve interpreted as ‘no bastard puree-ing’), but a bit of baby rice here and there doesn’t count, right?

Anyway, there’s still two boxes of unwrapped apples that need sorting before the worms get out and about, so best dedicate my attention to that, or else there’ll be no apple juice let alone cider.

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