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One at a time…

October 9, 2011

So it’s been a bit manic here, what with a trip down to London that took up the best part of 3 days (for kids feet), and the hat’s continued aversion to good sleep.  After the insanely disappointing 22 hour round trip last week i opted to be a little more sedate this time round.  Which paid dividends, got to see Sarah and Zoe which was lovely, as well as obviously my mum, aaron and Ba.  The appointment was fine, the surgeon was there too, normally we just see the wonderful physio Denise.  He said it was an utter treat to see no1 child, as he doesn’t often see ‘success stories’, which was wonderful to hear, long may it last.  No2 child has an atypical foot, but is doing well, though we won’t know for sure til a she’s walking as it’s still really early days for her.

In the meantime, i’m very much getting into Shires driving; letting everyone go and not being in any hurry.  So much so that i’m even letting buses have right of way.  Let one go the other day, and a driver coming out of the road infront of me thought i was letting him go (which i was kind of too…), so he came round the corner straight into the bus.  I cowered.  Then had to follow him as he drove down the road, into my road and parked outside my house.  An elderly man emerged, and i had to run over to him with shame and apologise for nearly trying to get him killed.  He seemed to take it very well, will be interesting to see whether he turns up to our open house…when we finally get round to inviting people and sorting out a date.  Oh the shame.

The weather this weekend was supposed to be rainy, but annoyingly it’s not been at all, so perhaps tomorrow we’ll get off our lardy arses and go and do some wrekin walking.  Our duplo (or rather Adam’s) architectural skills are however being fine tuned to the point of ridiculousness, so Lord knows what we’ll be able to build once winter really sets in…

All your homely desires catered for, believe me

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