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Day Trippers Paradise

October 12, 2011

The weather here lies.  The forecast will say it’s raining, and sure enough, the darkest meanest looking clouds are everywhere, and yet, and yet it never seems to quite make it.  So, on Monday, whilst the forecast said rain, the clouds said rain, there was no sign of actual wet stuff in our garden.  However, it was windy and i was quite convinced that i did not fancy a wrekinwet time, so we looked for alternatives.

A baby pygmy goat, a goatee if you will

And so to Rays…a farm and owl sanctuary some 25 miles away.  It’s main attraction for us was that we got to finally see the much discussed Much Wenlock, as the farm was a few miles past there.  And for Cosmo, the star attraction was the goats.  Rays is also a repository for trippy hippy wood carvings.  After the amazing dragon at the gates, the next few carvings were of your typical magic mushroom variety, alongside the peacocks, geese and ducks.  Am sure it was a hidden code, next time we’ll be sure to follow their instructions, as even without their aid the farm was a little eclectic.  Reindeer (well i guess they have to live somewhere for the other 51 weeks of the year when they’re not exactly a going commodity) alongside pygmy goats.  Gee Gees,pigs, shetlands, deer, rabbits, guinea pigs were all available to touch.  The owls were spectacular, though sadly none of their pics came out well cos of the fencing (that’s his excuse…).  And then the carving trail.  Sadly, at this point no1 child through a hissy fit as there was a man with a saw, and so we did another round of the animals before stopping for some lunch and then heading home again.  But we’ve got a free kids ticket, and i look forward to returning and venturing into the trail to see more mad wood.

And what of Much Wenlock?  Well, to be honest, i didn’t immediately fall for its charm.  Sure enough there’s a quaint little village there, with the as now expected tudor buildings and 18th century cottages.  But there’s also an awful lot of new builds surrounding that (the price of it’s much desiredness?), and so it wasn’t to my city-mind ‘picture perfect’.  No reckon we’ll hold out for something spectacular in the countryside proper.  To be sure, there’s enough of that around these shires…

In other news, somewhat predictively, i’ve bought the wrong ‘buggy board’.  I think that probably all of the various brand versions out there would end up being ‘wrong’ – ie an accident waiting to happen in my hands.  But considering i thought that i’d bought an entirely different one to the one that actually arrived, this one was wrong from the outset.  I didn’t notice it’s wrongness til i’d unwrapped it, and then when i checked all my receipts etc i realised that i had infact totally purchased a different one to the one that i was mentally buying.  How frustrating.  Yet, this may work out, perhaps all i need is more practice at hunching over our little universe whilst walking like a pigeon to avoid tripping on the board.  I obviously am looking v stylish whilst doing this.  Especially when negotiating the hills of the shrews.

Right, the whirlwind that is my little sister Alice is just about to turn up (quick overnight stay).  She’s at the chippies now so should be here any minute (don’t worry mum, i am abstaining….).  TTFN.

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  1. Kate Lane permalink
    October 12, 2011 10:56 pm

    With all that treking round to see the animals, (which by the way you need to watch out with the goats and floral dresses, I seem to remember that is their favourite snack!) you deserve the odd chip.. Have you introduced alice to the Pineapple Zinger?? Wish I was there, sending my love to you all and Alice. By the way I was trying on dresses tonight and Lola said I almost looked as good as Alice in one!! Ha, Ha she is a GOD in my daughters eyes!! xxx

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