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What the Dix?

October 19, 2011

Cor, has it really been almost a week since i last blogged? Am getting slack…or time is just flying! Or i forget…sleep deprivation is taking its toll.

The big news is that we’ve finally had some Adam’s Family to stay. The Dix’s arrived for a flying visit on Sunday, fresh from a night or two of hard partying. It was so nice to finally be able to start to repay them for some of the wonderful xmases that we’ve spent at theirs. Pity that my rice pudding didn’t quite work out, and that we ran out a little of the roast lamb…but even more annoying was that i had to leave on Monday to go down to (another) appointment in London on the Monday and so didn’t really get much time to chill with them. But it was lovely to see them, and despite the fact that i managed to down a bottle of wine, was great to catch-up and to see what lies ahead of us (two teenagers….dear god…though that’s somewhat unfair as George and Toby are really lovely, and not too monosyllabic considering their ages! Though by all accounts teenage boys are much easier than teenage girls…).

Unbelievably it’s half term in a few days, the time has really flown. Adam seems to be settling in well and enjoying the new college (as much as one can ever fully enjoy a job). Despite doing a fair amount of work in the evenings, it doesn’t seem too onerous (the subject matter is interesting and right up my/our strasse). Actually (but don’t tell him this) i quite enjoy helping him out on his lesson plans, my training and experience in organising and running brainstorms actually comes in very handy, something that i never thought it would outside of the smarmy world of marketing (though since this is a subjective blog, and i’m in charge, whether i am infact ‘very handy’ is somewhat of a moot question).

Funny how, now that we’re back into school schedules, how quickly half terms pass. Seemed to take forever when i was a kid, but now they just fly by, and it makes the year pass even more quickly too, it’ll be xmas before we know it. This time last maternity leave i was already starting to prepare to go back to work, feels ever so luxurious to not really be thinking that hard about it now, though i guess i should probably touch base with them once we’re back from Norway, i can’t stand the guilt of them not knowing what’s going on anymore…though that doesn’t mean that i’ll be committing to a return date, but do need to keep the options open, and who knows, there may be something that could be worked out beneficially to both parties (what a load of work wank, just the mention of work and all my old spiel comes to the fore – you can take the girl out of advertising, but you can’t take the advertising out of the girl…).

And so, to Norway…off down to London with the kids on Friday, so will need to have packed like a crazed efficient army general as have only 2 hands and will be in charge of 2 kids plus bags. We’re heading off on Saturday, with Adam joining the following Thursday. Am leaving him on his birthday, which i do feel terrible about, but am hoping that he’ll have some kind of a blow-out, and at least he’ll get 6 nights uninterrupted sleep, which given how sleep-deprived we are at the moment seems to me to be the best present EVER.

So adieu for now my fine spanish ladies, upon our return all the things that i’ve been putting off will need to take centre stage and i will not be able to bum around plaintively saying that we’ve only been here a few weeks, for that shall be a lie. Let’s hope the hat starts sleeping through with the fresh norwegian mountain air, and we all return refreshed and raring to go go go!

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