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Neighbourhood Watch

November 2, 2011

After last year’s somewhat disasterous Halloween in Barnes (poor C was traumatised by the gusto with which they went in for dressing up, the amputated limbs and life-like masks proving too much for his 2 year old sensibilities), we played it safe this year.  No dressing up nor trick or treating for him, just some safe pumpkin play, though apparently the trick or treaters visiting us were still a bit too much for him…perhaps next year.

In the meantime however, the road was burgled twice on Monday.  Once in the afternoon and once in the middle of the night.  It’s not yet clear whether it was the same perps, or different ones, but the feds have their list of suspects and blood DNA to pursue.  All very exciting, with real life CSI’s in the street etc etc.  Apparently the last burglary in our street was only a few months ago, and Belle Vue is a hotspot for it.  When we moved in, and saw all the fort knox style window locks and a gazillion keys for every door we assumed that it was an old lady’s paranoia that drove her to such extremes.  However, it may yet transpire that in fact she was only being sensible.  It is the talk of the street however, with the burglars ransacking and taking everything (including an old lady’s husband’s ashes).  Quite scary really, though when i asked the police if the burglars were likely to be violent (i can’t think of anything worse than waking in the night to hear people in the house), the police laughed and said no, they’re more likely just to run…reassuring i guess?  Apparently the area is renowned for it, hey ho.

But, have made headway with next-door-neighbour’s daughter – she’s up for babysitting!  Yea!  So, just as soon as the Hat settles down a bit more we’ll be able to go out and take advantage of all that Shrews can offer a middling-age couple…or at least go to the cinema!!!!

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  1. November 4, 2011 12:49 pm

    Surely it’s the French travellers!! Probably not, but the lynch mob must surely be out. Or is my understanding of shore-country politics pure guesswork…?

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