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Lovely Ludlow

November 6, 2011

Much more impressive than Shrews...we think...

We finally made it down to Ludlow on Saturday.  When Shropshire was mooted, it was the place that i first thought we might live, though in reality it is sadly just a bit too far from Telford for easy commute.  However it is gorgeous.  It has it’s own castle, that unlike Shrewsbury’s is proper and real (Ludlow being the ancient border town between Wales and England).  However, having been utterly disappointed by Shrewsbury’s castle we decided to not bother paying another tenner to wander round some ruins, we’ll save it for another time.  The shop and tea rooms were ‘castly’ enough for us and the toddler.   Ludlow also differs from Shrews by being properly “foody”, with it’s own 2 star michelin restaurant and everything.  Needless to say, with the two wee ones in tow we did not venture into any fine dining establishments, though we did have lunch in “Feathers”, the most extraodinary original tudor building.

Bags not stay in the top left room, just in case

Ostensibly our excuse for the excursion was to check out their weekly ‘farmers market’, which was duly located and perused.  Out of about 50 stands there was probably about 5 that could truly be deemed to have local farm produce on.  The rest were the usual assortment of craft (admittedly mostly local-ish) and tat.  Considering Ludlow’s market is lauded nationwide, it was a tad disappointing to say the least.  We did buy some sausages (of course), which were delicious and almost worth the 45 minute trip there in of themselves, but other than that (oh and a comedy new-age bright poncho for the hat) we left empty handed.

Off to the West Mids Showground tonight for some bonfire and firework fun (for some reason, despite Bonfire night falling on a Saturday, all professional shows are on the Sunday).  For the last 3 years we’ve not gone, under the guise of not wanting to either keep our young universe up nor scare him, but this year, we feel that he’s ready (and we’ve bought ear mufflers).  Poor Hat though, she just gets dragged along regardless!!!  No molly-coddling for her, oh the lot of the subsequent born child…

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