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Bags of Shaw…

November 15, 2011

When's the damn pub opening then?

So we’ve all had wonderful visitors this last weekend – Toe, Nick, Holly and Freddie. We ate, drank and were very merry.  Freddie is one of the smiliest babies i’ve ever met, makes the hat look very moody, even though she’s really not.  Though typically he didn’t want to sleep at night all weekend, so we’re all a bit tired this week, and the kids have predictably come down with colds.

Don't worry Freddie, I'll protect you

We did venture out, though not massively far, to a wonderful gastro-pub called The Amoury, which is a bit of a find.  We were queuing up at opening time (along with a few other families), and i can see why.  Within half an hour the place was full to capacity and we were all eating and drinking lovely locally sourced plates of deliciousness.  We’ll definitely be going back there for a Sunday roast or two in the future…and once we get our babysitting service sorted i can imagine it will be a great favourite for the evening.  Loads of ales and beers and wines to make our way through.

In other news, we made a day trip on Monday to Oswestry the ‘historic frontier town’ – which makes it sound like it should be in the wild west or somewhere similarly exotic rather than just off the A5 near Wales.  Much bigger than i thought it was going to be (though less populated than Shrews), it looked gorgeous.  However, as the weather came in and the kids were asleep in the car we never actually got out to explore, we’ll save that for another day, as there’s loads to see – castles, iron age forts, good shopping and Offas Dyke, which am really keen to go for a walk on and is maintained as a proper path round there (in other places it’s just an almost unremarkable mound…).  The ‘scenic’ route there goes through a gorgeous village called ‘Knockin’, replete, of course, with the local post office/shop The Knockin Shop!!!  Brilliant.

Also, met the next-door-neighbours-but-one, the people who live in the other half of the victorian mental asylum/twins house – the one for sale.  They seem lovely, Steve and Nicky and their 4 (!) kids.  Though i think i may have scared them somewhat, as have heard about them and so was more telling them about themselves than enquiring…not great first impression perhaps, but that’s what happens when you don’t get out much eh?  Will hoist ourselves upon them soon, as they seem to be living the dream that we’re following-moved out from big smoke and now looking to move properly into the country (if only they can sell their imposing mansion…), would be great to get their back story more.

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