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One down…

November 16, 2011

Might not look much now, but wait til i've murdered the decoration

And so the food fest that is Christmas begins…have made the first fruitcake!!!  Another one to make tomorrow.  And then they need to be fed booze for a good month or so, and then the decoration.  Excellent.  Mewahahaha.  Not too sure why this necessitates a “taking over the world evil laugh”, but somehow it seems apt.  Or perhaps i’m just a wee bit over excited.  God i love Christmas.  No, correction, i love Christmas FOOD.  Think it’s perhaps still a bit too early to start with the mince pies, maybe i should do some shopping or make some cards before we go there.

Ooh, we have our first proper social engagement – Adam’s work xmas do.  A barn dance!  Bring that sheeeet on!  Though Adam mentioned that there might also be ‘skits’.  Hmmm.  …but still, should be fun.  Best get back to that zumba and get myself fit, don’t want to the only ho not getting down.  Oh they gonna love me!

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