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Shackles Off

November 17, 2011

Yes, they are zebra print leg warmers - god it's great dressing a girl!

oh momentous day!  The hat’s down to only 16 hours in her bar and boots!!!  She has been so happy pulling at her socks and playing with her feet it really makes me quite sad.  But, from here on in it only gets better.  She’ll be off crawling before too long, and soon will be a toddler, and no1 child will be at school.  I went back to work round about this time with no1 child, and missed so much of his babyhood am so lucky that this time round i’ll not be doing that.  That said, i have partially ‘fessed up to work.  Admitted that we’re moving to the country for a trial (though saying that we’re going for Jan), and have said that i’ll definitely be taking the full year, and will start talking to them seriously about opportunities in Manchester come the new year.  So only a few more weeks of care-free maternity leave before i really have to start putting my nose to some kind of grindstone, best enjoy it whilst i still can!

On a related note, baked the second cake today, then read the paper to discover that a) apparently it’s Stir Up Sunday, national christmas cake baking day and b) the perfect cake has baking powder and a whole load of other ingredients that don’t grace my Good Housekeeping circa 1971 recipe.  Oh well.  Once covered in booze, marzipan and icing no one’ll notice, and it’s nice to be ahead of the game, who wants to do things when you’re supposed to.  Actually, it’s amazing that for once i’m in front of the pack.  Lucky i got my body’s weight in dried fruit before the weekend, as who knows, maybe there’d be a rush-on in Sainsbury’s this weekend…doubtful eh.  Especially as this is the first i’ve ever heard about a national day to bake Christmas cake, perhaps they need some marketing advice.

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