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November 18, 2011

What a great word!  Or rather, not a great word, but a fantastic way to describe this afternoon’s antics.  No pics, as that would obviously ruin the surprise.  But this avvo we began making the christmas cards.  Or rather i made a start of it, no1 child painted his hands, arms, t-shirt and the table cloth and no2 child almost choked on some paper that was lying around.  From the states of the kids you can possibly tell that i got a bit engrossed.  However, every time i attempt ‘art’ i am reminded starkly of my utter inadequacies in that arena.  Nevertheless, we shall persevere.  It can only get better.  And i don’t see why you can’t spell Crimbo “Chrimbo”… the 5 of you that are getting the cards with it spelt that way can feel ever so pleased that you have a new shropshire spelling, and show it off accordingly (am contemplating messing with Wikipedia and getting it accredited, it’s getting a bit obvious isn’t it that i have too much time on my hands…hmmm, better do some more socialising next week).

Anyway, i believe it’s just gone 7, the kids are more or less down, and wine/cheese etc beckons.

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