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And how was your day?

November 22, 2011

I feel that today i passed a point of no return.  Whether that’s a good thing or not, only time will tell.  I have stopped responding to bodily fluids, and i know that this is a very recent phenomenon, as i myself was being sick at around 2.30pm (a direct response to having to clean up after no1 child, not cos i’m ill….), however by 4.30pm when i was being sicked on (by no2 child, oy yes, getting it from all sides) i barely flinched.  Oh what a joy of a day.  Was looking forward to writing a nice, non-eventful blog about how no1 child has been a superstar and is now off potty and onto loo (albeit via the Thomas child seat), and how no2 child has been smearing her face (and the floor) with broccoli florets, banana, toast and other adorable stuff.  It would’ve been wonderful and all about milestones, the end of eras and the brilliance of progression.  But not to be…for today apparently was all about regression, illness and excrement.  I shan’t go into too much detail (and don’t worry, there’ll be no pictures accompanying this), but suffice to say that luckily no1 child shat all over our rug and not the brand-new rental carpet, and no2 child is just a wee bit under the weather.  I’ve put on 3 washes today, and have another 2 waiting in the shadows, it would seem that i can’t clean things quickly enough.  Hey ho.  Whilst not normally an advocate of mid-week drinking (?), have started on the G&T’s early tonight, and will be curling up asap with my current bodice-ripper of a book (ken follet’s sequel to Pillars of Earth) to comfort myself…hopefully Adam will be joining me on the sofa and not working hard – he had an assessment today and so has been hard at it (not me, sadly) for a few days.  He thinks it went well…finds out next week…

um, and now what do i do?

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