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November 24, 2011

Well, this new fangled method of introducing solids is all very well, but it does somewhat take the fun out of it.  Hassle-free it maybe (from a pureeing perspective), but it is dee-you-ell-ell.  You get none of that surprised face as some new flavour hits.  So i stuffed some weetabix and banana into her today…and then remembered why i opted for the baby led way.  They don’t eat very much at first whatever method you choose, and both are equally messy.  So by teatime i’d reverted back to letting her suck on vegetables.  Carrots are not favourite, however beans and naan, from Cosmo’s Korma went down a treat (though i’ll probably be regretting letting her near a curry in about, ooh, 2 hours time…hey ho, my life is, quite literally, full of shit at the moment so what’s a bit more).

whatevs mum, you're obvs enjoying this more than me

Other than that not much to report.  Been in and out of doctors over the past few days – today being hopefully the last of it.  Just when i thought all serious ailments were on the mend my toenail starts dropping off.  As am so used to making doctors appointments i popped along, only to be told to essentially shut the fuck up.  Which is what the gyno said too (although with a slightly condescending air of ‘what do you expect after 2 kids, that everything would be the same?’…er yes?!?!!!).  So, will do just that.

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