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First Parent Teacher Meeting

November 29, 2011

Dear god, he’s only 3, and yet we’ve just had our first parent teacher meeting.  All very nerve-racking.  But of course he’s fine.  Well liked and sociable.  However, it would appear that we’ve not been focussing on some of the ‘more important’ things, such as the alphabet and number recognition.  It hadn’t occurred to me, until this evening, that we should even be bothering with this from a ‘school’ perspective, but it appears that he’s “behind” his age group.  Not too sure whether i should be angry or upset with myself, or the system.  Admittedly i do of course realise that whether or not a 3 year old knows that white wine should be kept in the fridge, red wine out is not something that the national curriculum will be wanting to check for, but is obviously an essential part of anyone’s knowledge (and better that he learns this young no?).  Hey ho, will focus a bit more on ‘classical’ educational benchmarks rather than on classy educational notes, is easily remedied…

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  1. peter permalink
    November 29, 2011 10:52 pm

    of course if you enter him in the International Bac he will have to know that the English serve red wine too warm and yes the French do it right with just a slight chill! Shrews are just not metropolitan I fear. Badger knows best.

  2. Kate Lane permalink
    November 30, 2011 8:58 am

    At 3 needing number recognition and alphabet!! Absolute rubbish at 3 all you need is good social skills. Lola’s first parent/ teacher evening in reception was hilarious, apparently lola was very social, she enjoyed participating when they were having discussions on the rug but it would be great if they were relevant to what was being taught, also if there was any trouble or disagreement in the classroom, lola would be there, not involved but just observing even if she was at the other end of the classroom! I also had all this phscyo bubble about her being either really up or really down. All as far as I can work out are the signs that my daughter was a diva, which I knew, and looks like her career will have to be something in the limelight… Two years later she’s the donkey in the school play!! Did you get my message the other day? Be good to hear your voice. xxxx

  3. November 30, 2011 10:29 am

    hello Rosie

    I don’t think you should be worried at all, it is absolute rubbish to expect a three-year old to know the alphabet, how very dare they! My three, like many kids in Europe, didn’t start formal schooling, learning to read and write etc till they were six. I absolutely agree with Kate, social skills and speech and music are far more important. Stay strong and have confidence.

    P x

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