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Solidarity Brothers

November 30, 2011

And so today was the big strike.  How was it for you?

No1 child tried to understand the vagaries of state pensions

We went and stood shoulder to shoulder in the town square, listening to some impassioned speakers and generally making noise and being seen.  It was all very invigorating, though we did slink off to have a nice bit of lunch.  Needless to say, many others had had that idea, though no restaurant was expecting the rush.  So having been turned away from our first choice we ended up in Pizza Express, where we wished for the bad service that we’d had before.  It was appalling.  Starters arrived after the mains, which were cold and soggy, and Cosmo’s pasta was a disgrace.  The hat didn’t mind, she ate practically all my bruschetta, but the rest of us, despite the 40 minute wait, left most of our food.  I did feel sorry for the waiters, and bless them, they did take most things off the bill, but still…When we guiltily returned to the square to resume the position, the demonstration had been moved on, to make way for a Mini Coupe promotion.  That’s capitalism for you i guess.  Though the 3 cars and one lone promo girl didn’t have half the power of the flags and noise that had preceded it.  I almost felt sorry for them.

Right, off to fill in Aunty Sarah’s advent calendar, in preparation for teaching our little universe the power of numbers (via the bribes of christmas).

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