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On the first day of Advent…

December 1, 2011

Oh Auntie Sarah’s advent calendar is truly an artwork!!!  And now filled…with tat…today there was 2 mini stretchy dinosaur things.  He was chuffed to bits, so easy to please.  Other Christmas preparation continues unabated, have also now made over 60 christmas cards, of varying quality (ranging from utterly shite to not quite so bad), and written most of them.  Just need to confirm a few neighbours names in order to invite them over on the 11th, ooh exciting!!!  And write the bloody envelopes…though have ordered 500 (damn amazon and it’s amazing prices) so should be ok if i make a few mistakes.  Oh, and make the mincemeat and mince pies, marzipan and ice the cake, buy and wrap the presents.  Hmmm, lucky i’ve not got anything else to do eh.

In other momentous news, am having my hair cut tomorrow.  The first time in 18 months.  Can’t quite believe it’s been that long, though the fact that it’s so long and dull brown gives it away somewhat.  Fingers crossed they do a decent job; going to Aveda (so i hope so), yet only costing me £40 – bring on those provincial prices!  This in preparation for the weekend barn dance and meeting Adam’s work colleagues, and of course for my sister and Rhids, all visiting over the next few days.  It’s going to be busy.  Will try not to get too overexcited at the Barn Dance and embarrass Adam…

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