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Saved by The Hat

December 8, 2011

I could be in Pasha, raving it up at the school disco (work xmas do), dressed up to the nines.  But i’m not.  Instead, am here, obligatory G&T in hand, covered from my nose to my tits in snail-trails of baby snot.  Delicious.  So, i totally jinxed myself yesterday, as i bloody-well knew i would, by saying that she was sleeping through.  Woke up at 4am, and has refused to sleep anywhere other than on my chest for the entire day.  To be fair, she’s obviously got the hideous lurgy that Rhids bought with him, and doesn’t seem at all well.  But it didn’t make for a particularly clear head (nor uber tidy house) for today’s Landlords Inspection.  They are lovely the landlords, which i temporarily forgot.  She didn’t look in any of my drawers or cupboards, though i didn’t exactly allow her the opportunity to, following her  and saying inanely obvious things (it is her house after all, she doesn’t need to be told “and this is the bathroom”).  Oh the joys of sleep deprivation.  But i totally forgot to ask her no1 child’s big question – “can we get a cat?”.  Partially because i’m not so sold on the idea yet myself, but mainly i forgot because no2 child was sleeping/driblling/snotting/crying all over me for the entire visit.  And then after they left i noticed that there’s big bad leaks in the conservatory – admittedly we are having proper wonderful weather at the moment (oooh gusty blustery rain, i love it), so will have to monitor that…oh well.  Didn’t really want to go to the party anyway.  Would much rather be here, snuggled up on sofa, dribbling (at masterchef).

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