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Oh Christmas Tree!

December 11, 2011

Man, do i love an xmas tree!  I smile every time i walk past it, and every time the smell of pine hits me.  Which is frequently!  Certainly feeling very christmassy now – though you wouldn’t know it from the outside of the house.  Note to self, must get a wreath of something classy…must not imitate neighbours across the way and go for all singing/dancing lights.

Nothing momentous to report here.  Went to a yoga workshop on Saturday afternoon, which i was really excited about as there’s no ashtanga really down here (the class i do on a Monday night alternates hatha with ashtanga, but the ashtanga is not what i’m used to…more of a led class, though am obviously taking as much as i can get from it).  However, the course was full of first-timers, and although i got a good-ish work out, it wasn’t the kick up the arse that i was looking for.  Looks like i’m going to have to just bite the bullet and really concentrate on my own practice without the aid or support that i get in London.  But the guy who organised it organises monthly workshops (with different visiting yogis) so worth attending again.  The people were, as ever, nice and friendly, but all a bit old, though at the rate i’m picking up mates i probably shouldn’t be picky…

Failed to get the neighbours xmas cards out in time to invite them round for mince pies today, will distribute/write them tomorrow and then have them round next weekend…just as well as i haven’t actually made the mince meat yet – though have bought the ingredients, so there’s a few jobs for tomorrow (along with writing the xmas cards for no1 child’s nursery, potentially 50 of them!!!!).  Should keep me festive eh?

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