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December 19, 2011

One of my favourite meals is a veal milanese – veal escalope with tomato spaghetti – and so since we’ve been here i’ve been trying to hunt down some veal.  Sainsbury’s doesn’t stock it, nor do the other supermarkets and the farmer’s shop doesn’t either (who it turns out is Barbara and Peter’s – our next door neighbours – nephew).  And so i finally ventured into the butchers at the bottom of the road.  If am honest have been avoiding them as they look quite cheap, but realised that i was just being snobby.  Anyway, as soon as i asked for veal i was set upon by the butcher’s wife with a rant about how inhumane veal was (they keep ’em in the dark and feed them milk) etc etc, i did try to explain that in fact that was illegal, and that these days it was (i thought) quite common knowledge that veal is just as humane as lamb to eat.  To no avail.  I bought a chicken breast (didn’t dare ask whether it was free range) and left.  Transpires that Shropshire hasn’t had the veal revolution yet, and am not entirely sure i’ll be welcomed back into the butchers.  Ah well.  The search continues.

We had a few of the neighbours round for mince pies this afternoon (who laughed politely at my veal escapades, but were perhaps sympathetic with the butchers wife and thought me some raving meat-aholic – probably confirmed when i started raving about suckling pig, but hey, you gotta play to your audience right?  So we had Barbara and Peter, Advolly and Paul, and Rita and Mark, with two no-shows from Steve and Nicky (next door to Advolly – whose house has just been sold, and potentially the reason for their no show) and Catherine (with the lovely woofers).  Beryl didn’t make it either, but that’s primarily because i wasn’t able to deliver her card.  I did try, but couldn’t find a postbox, honestly.  Was a lovely few hours, until the kids expressed their tiredness loudly, and our guests took their leave.

Next week we’re down in Londinium, staying at my mum’s…so until we return, Happy Christmas to all!

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  1. lmc26470 permalink
    December 19, 2011 12:02 pm

    oh dear Rosie, how distressing this veal thing is. The reality is that male dairy calves are killed when a few days old in the UK (because we don’t eat veal), causing huge distress to their mothers, and simply providing pet food. A massive waste of food. A lucky few are allowed to grow and be weaned naturally and then provide rose veal (which is the only sort we should buy).

    You would think a butcher’s wife would know better. but then, as you say, she’s probably providing turkeys blast frozen in Vietnam after a life too unspeakable to think about.

    Perhaps you should lend her a copy of Food Inc, which studies industrial farming in the US, elements of which we have here.


    P x

    • December 19, 2011 12:40 pm

      Absolutely Penny. Would much rather be eating the poor little boy calves (and increasing their value and therefore quality of care) than having them slaughtered immediately, and be therefore worth nothing in the industry’s eyes. But obviously more of an uphill struggle than i thought. Living sheltered in London (with wonderful and ethical butchers abundant), i had thought that the tide was turning. Obviously not…

      PS – mincepies made with lard are a gazillion times better!!! Will bring some round on Tues…xxx

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