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2012 EUGH

January 3, 2012

A few words of explanation before i proceed – this year’s xmas day was apparently sponsored by the letters ‘o’, ‘b’, ‘v’ and ‘s’, and the fruit ‘bapple’.  But whilst it’s best to gloss over the bapple incident (obvs), those little letters are mighty pervasive, i will try to hold back, but feel free to insert them in yourself in appropriate places.

God, xmas day feels like an age away now, and i guess it was.  All been a bit of a blur as we whirl winded here and there, got back to our place, then had the kids and Katie back for new year.  And suddenly it’s Tuesday.  Raining.  What a comedown.  2012.  The nicest thought i’ve mustered up today is that i hope that Danny Boyle really balls it up at the opening ceremony, cos that might make me laugh a lot in 6 months time.

So a couple of vignettes, and then to the serious business of avoiding conversations about getting a job.

1. Christmas Lunch: i am very much looking forward to the looks of amazement and adoration on relatives faces as the hat does her amazing baby led weaning eating trick and demolishes turkey potatoes ham brussels, anything that she can get in her mouth.  Instead she projectile pukes all her milk up.  And from then until 7pm (actually not that many hours away) that was me done.  Got her down just in time to make it for xmas pud…!

2. Leaving my mums: all the bags are kind of packed, or getting there.  The only job left is to get them to the car (and look after the kids, obvs).  I watch with tears of frustration and love, as my hero moves all the bags first from the sitting room to the hallway (no door nor wall to hinder this move), then outside (yea), a bit.  And then eventually into the car (which is parked immediately in front of the house).  I expect to see some kind of military ninja execution of the packing after this extravagant use of thought and time.  I wish i had a picture.  I nearly wet myself.  Mrs 1, Mr 0.  Needless to say i then locked the door, popped the keys back inside and realised that i’d forgotten a lot of highly practical and essential kit.  Mrs 1, Mr 1.  Balance restored.

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