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Come in Starkled Man

January 11, 2012

There’s just no arguing with a 3 year old.  It doesn’t matter how many times i tell him, we read it, or he sees it.  He’s convinced that ‘Star Command’ is really ‘Starkled Man’.  We’re using a buzz, a dragon, a tiger, a playmobil gengis khan and a knight on a horse as pure bribery to get him to shit on the lav.  No polite way to put it really.  Having been to Toys’r’us (dear god, is there a worse place on earth? more dreary? more depressing? more reminiscent of the failures of modern day parenting?  Or is it just that it was such a verboten place when i was growing up that my childish dreams of the magnificence of the place pale somewhat when i step into essentially the merchandising arm of cbeebies and citv…i digress).  So, having been to Toys’r’us to buy the bribes – where i had to cajole him to choose gifts, as bless his cottons once he had the tiger in his sweaty palms he was satisfied – walking up and down the aisles with his innocent mind, unaware that he was standing just inches away from the characters that he plays at nursery (with his more TV literate friends…).  We now wait for the eureka moment when he finally plucks up the courage to plop, and he can finally get hold of his Starkled Man.  Please let it be soon…

Ooh, and the hat’s got her first tooth!  We’ve finally kicked her out of our room, and we’re all sleeping the better for it (well, until the next tooth…).

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