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Plus ça change

January 17, 2012

So it’s all change here this week (well kind of…).  The hat is on the move!  In fact she’s kind of been on the move for the past few weeks, but i have been in Egypt (de Nile) about it as i really really wanted at least one of my children to crawl and since Cosmo bum shuffled til he was 18 months old, that goal lay with the youngest.  However, since she can now make her way, on carpet, across the sitting room floor, in a relatively quick time, i have to admit that she’s probably not going to crawl.  Having been perfectly happy to do ‘tummy time’ (up until about now) i had high hopes, but she’s realised that she can’t get anywhere on her tummy, but on her bum she can get practically any toy/paper/book (insert other totally inappropriate object here) that she damn well wants.  Ah well.  Maybe she’ll crawl later…no1 child can crawl now, but then he is 3.

Speaking of whom, still no movement on the loo (literally).  He has now installed his step (in theory supposed to be used to help him get onto said loo) in the pantry, so that he can inspect at closer range the toys that are awaiting him.  Not too sure that allowing that was such a good idea, as the novelty of having the actual toys appears to have worn off (and thereby the bribery power) and he’s now quite happy to imaginarily play with them.  Hmmm.  Ah well, it’ll happen i guess.  Just hope that it’s before he goes to school.  He’s got a big day on Friday, as it’s the first day of ‘Forest School’ – whereby the kids essentially have pre-school out in the woods.  Exploring, running round and just generally being at one with nature man.  Apparently it’s nothing to do with the hippy camps that we went on as kids (sadly), but i am utterly in love with the ethos.  This is what we moved to the country for – to give the kids a better quality of life.  Fingers crossed he likes it.  And doesn’t shit his pants.

And as for me, well my New Year’s resolutions are coming along modestly.  I rocked up to last Monday’s yoga class promising that i would attend faithfully every week and duly paid the discounted price, with the full intention of turning up every week.  Had to email her yesterday to explain that i would not in fact be turning up for the foreseeable future and could i possibly reimburse her the monies that i therefore owed.  Shame.  However, having searched high and low for anyone, almost anywhere, who may be able to teach some Ashtanga and therefore help me to be good, i think that i may have found a solution.  Though am somewhat dubious.  There’s a class 30 mins away on a Thursday evening (so far so good), taught by a guy who is into Tantric.  And here i become nervous.  On his website he says that he believes that yoga should be practised naked…hmmm….and a whole lot of other gumf.  Ashtanga is only one of many forms that he utilises, so it won’t be my ideal Mysore style class, but am willing to give it a go (WITH CLOTHES ON).  We shall see.

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