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Hello Cleaveland

January 20, 2012

Well, Thurday’s yoga was somewhat disappointing.  Unless of course you like looking at septuagenarian genitals that is.  Sadly, mesmerising though they were, the hunt for the right yoga class continues.  Twas all very nice and chilled, and i will probably return, as it was very relaxing, but relaxing is only part of what i look for in a yoga class.  I like to be worked out and to feel physically challenged, and 6 positions in 2 hours does not really do it for me.

And Forest School?  Well, it was a miserable day here, and our wee man returned suitably covered from head to toe in mud and shattered, so i can only assume that it was good.  I say that, as trying to get any sense of what occurred out of him was like trying to get a surly teenager to talk about what they did at school.  The best sentence that i got from him all afternoon was “I’m angry now because I’m hungry and tea is not ready”…brilliant.

Right, off to bed early for me – little titfer has had a temperature all day, and whilst i’m desperately hoping that it’s just teething, am feeling now somewhat under the weather myself, probably due to the fact that i’ve essentially been lying down all day comforting her, which surprisingly isn’t as energising as it may seem.  Need to be on good form, as we’ve the Jackson’s turning up tomorrow and don’t imagine they’ll want to be cooking their own food…

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