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Play date ends in black eye

January 25, 2012

So yesterday was a momentous day.  Our little universe’s first ever proper playdate – by that i mean a “stranger’s” child came to our house.  His friend Yousuf (and mum) came over after nursery and stayed for tea.  Twas a lovely afternoon, and a bit of an eye-opener (initially) as to how 3yr olds play, or more specifically, how wee man plays with his friends.  Alongside much laughter and screaming and running and excitement, there was also tears.  Most notably as C chased poor Yousuf into a corner, tearfully demanding that he agree to be his “best friend”.  Poor Yousuf, crying out “I said YES!” as our boy continued to harass him and not listen.  Bless.  I guess.  However, in the final furlong there was an accident with the Spinosaurus resulting in a fantastic shiner…since Yousuf had run into someone’s shoulder earlier in the day at nursery, the two of them rocked up to pre-school today looking like right little hooligans.  Perfectly matched i guess.

It was the spinosaurus what done it, honest guv

Yousuf’s mum is very sweet, quite young, and single, and we’ve a reciprocal date lined up for next week, so slowly, slowly am starting to see other people’s houses and get to know a few people.  On Friday we have much excitement as are invited over to our neighbours’ Advolly and Paul – with their daughter Tilly coming to babysit ours whilst we get drunk and eat food at theirs.  Perfect.  Looking v much forward to that as they live in half of the victorian mental asylum and am keen to have a good nose!!!  All go here i tell you…!

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  1. January 26, 2012 1:27 pm

    Good man-work I say, the more black eyes and scar tissue, the more the enjoyment. Though I woudn’t underestimate that all schleiss dinosaurs above a certain size are pretty formidable weapons, just ask our dogg Edd. The one with Triceratop horn puncture wounds.

    • January 26, 2012 4:05 pm

      Brilliant. Am imagining though, since Edd doesn’t have opposable thumbs that the triceratops wounds are perhaps Ben’s doing? Has he got a handle on the excuse that our wee thug has been using for a while “it wasn’t me, it was triceratops”…v difficult to argue with that, who wants to ruin a child’s imaginative play with boring comments such as “yes, but someone was holding triceratops…weren’t they?”. Poor Woofer xxx Poor triceratops xxx

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