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Brilliant Bridgnorth

January 28, 2012

The view from the top...

Well, last night was a success.  I think.  Judging by the hideous hangovers that we have today, a good night was had over at one half of the mental asylum.  The other half does actually contain certifiable mentals (so we’ve now learnt), which makes my slightly insane babbling at them pre-xmas, and their snub of our xmas drinks a little more okay.  Advolly and Paul were lovely hosts, and although my first attempt at a pavlova was woefully lacking the requisite lashings of cream, we shall certainly be reciprocating their hospitality soon.  In fact have already got another social engagement from it – off to a private view on Thursday with Advolly (ooh, free champers…), and have agreed prices with Tilly for future babysitting – dear god, we could actually go out!  Perhaps we’ll ease ourselves in with a trip to the cinema…

Their house is currently being re-plastered, and so was not putting its best foot forward sadly.  Did obviously have a good nose round (under the guise of seeing what work they were having done), though both A and P were more than willing to show us, bless them.  Whilst it is a lovely house, both Adam and i came away thinking that in fact, we prefer the 60’s monstrosity that we’re in.  If only we had 7 bedrooms here…

Funiculars don't get steeper than this

So, after a quick call to Advolly to apologise for myself (just incase…had a realisation at 5am that somehow, for a short red-wine fuelled moment, i’d managed to convince myself that Paul was Tilly’s father, he’s not, and i know that full well, but then had a rather confused conversation…and shortly afterwards took myself home…not quite on a doing hat impressions scale, but…), anyway after the embarrassing call (where i rambled on for far too long…perhaps still a wee bit drunk), we set off for Bridgnorth, predominantly to ride the “steepest inland funicular in Britain”, but really to try and out-run our hangovers.

What i wasn’t expecting was for it to be quite such a beautiful town.  It’s two town’s really.  Posh at the top of the hill, and poor at the bottom (as you’d expect).  The funicular was put in to take over from the donkeys, who previously were ferrying all the lovely goods up to the gods, and as soon as we’d descended in it i wanted to be back at the top too.  We’ll definitely be going back there, if not for the views (which Charles I thought rightly were the best in all his kingdom), then for the food and shopping.  Not only were there lots of wonderful butchers, bakers, and tea rooms, but at the weekend there’s car boot sales galore.  What more could you ask for?

Meanwhile, wee man’s shiner is coming on a treat…

Despite the use of chocolate camouflage, the black eye's still somewhat obvious

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