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Scared the living croup out of us

January 30, 2012

After the jollity of Friday night, the past few days have been somewhat fraught.  It began at 5am on Saturday morning, with our little universe waking up, unable to breathe properly, and making alarming wheezing sounds.  He was complaining of a cough and barking occasionally.  We calmed him down, and went back to sleep (ish…hangover was setting in).  He seemed fine on Saturday, but then Saturday night he had another attack.  This time though it seemed worse, and was really struggling to breathe.  We thought he might be having an asthma attack and called an ambulance.  I can not praise the paramedics highly enough.  They arrived barely 2 mins after we placed the call, and were brilliant with our panicked young man.  After giving him a nebuliser (to not much effect), he and Adam went to Shrews A&E, where they diagnosed him with croup and gave him some steroids which took effect almost immediately, and once his wee fever had subsided he was discharged.  Despite my fears, i think that the whole experience has not scarred him.  Quite the opposite perhaps, as he now expects Doctors to arrive in his room almost instantaneously should he need them, might struggle to get him to the actual doctors surgery since his home experience was so swift and seamless!

The terrifying thing about croup is that there is often no symptoms during the day (definitely our experience) and it’s caused by nothing more innocuous than the common cold virus – which the rest of us are all certainly suffering from.  Yesterday was spent essentially holding my breath.  He seemed fine, but then that was no indicator previously, but we stuffed him with calpol and laid him in cotton wool in front of the telly and a marathon of Disney.  That seemed to do the trick, and despite my fears he slept through last night and today developed a more normal cold, which i’m taking as a good sign (perversely).  Fingers crossed that’s the end of it, and the hat won’t go on and get it herself (she’s just had back to back common garden colds, poor lamb).

Here’s to a better week…

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