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West Midlands Safari Park

February 19, 2012

Majestic, regardless of their accent

How incongruous does a safari park in kidderminster sound?  Believe me, it sounds even more wrong, when you add the brummy twang! And yet, and yet…for my first safari park experience, it was brummy brilliant.  Even the hat, who i thought far too young, got right into it, clapping and roaring at the animals.  Little man was over the moon, especially when a zebra literally nuzzled up to his window.  In fact, if we hand’t almost run out of petrol, i would’ve totally gone round again.  Luckily, considering the cost, we’ll have that opportunity, as you get a ‘free’ second entry with the first, so at some point when it’s less cold, we’ll venture there again.

Talking of brummy accents, have made a decision on the pronunciation of Shrewsbury.  Am going with ‘rhymes with shoes’.  Rhymes with ‘shows’ is just too black country for my liking.  Whether naively, or stupidly when we moved up here i only thought of Shropshire – a little known county, with no known accent.  It didn’t occur to me that we were in the West Midlands, and that that was dangerously close to Birmingham and the accent that i simply can’t take seriously (and would not wish upon a child of mine).  And yet, luckily, Shrewsbury seems to be an island unto itself when it comes to accents.  A few miles to the west and you’re into lovely lilting welsh, a few miles to the east and you start to get brummy.  Bridgnorth was definitely full of hideous nasally twangs, and even Telford has tell-tale tics.  It’s sheer luck that we’ve seemingly ended up in an oasis of normality, but the accent will definitely be affecting my decision on where we move to in the country proper (when such a time arises).  Westward-ho! (god i’m such a snob…but i can’t help it)

In other news...Baby-led-weaning going a bit too well...

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