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Spring is Sprung

February 26, 2012

Wow, what an utterly glorious week we’ve had.  Proper lovely weather.  The garden coming back into its own.  What were somewhat barren beds are now covered in snowdrops and crocuses.  So beautiful.  And so with Spring comes action…the Belle Vue Arts Festival have been in touch and we’ve been planning the short film that Adam’ll make to exhibit.  We’ve offered ourselves up for getting involved as much as possible and i’m really looking forward to meeting the local artists and notaries.  I’ll be making a scarecrow (they want everyone to make one, so not quite as random as it sounds), and have my idea ready – though, as many of you will know, the disconnect between what i want to make creatively and what ends up is often so large as to be completely risible.  And here we’re not talking about private disasters, but potentially a very public one.  Ah well, plenty of time to investigate how you actually make a scarecrow etc etc.  Watch this space for a masterpiece.  Obvs, Ads film will save any face should the scarecrow turn out to resemble merely a broom with lots of dried grass and random material around it (though, as i type that, am thinking that as a plan b, it could work….i could call it ‘scarecrow deconstructed’ and warble on about postmodernism or some other such wank…hmmm, and it would be easier to make).

As well as getting involved in the local arts community i have taken drastic action on the yoga front.  There is a local yoga website, where all the classes in Shrewsbury and outside are listed – a site that i have been mining for classes profusely, as you know, to not much avail.  But there’s a forum on there, and so i’ve posted on it, to see whether anyone else is up for a mysore-style ashtanga class.  And now i’m getting well in with the local yoga teachers!!!  Have got 6 of them interested, and now all i’ve got to do, is find a time that suits all of us, find a venue, entice the nearest esteemed teacher (either from Aberwystwyth or Birmingham…or potentially try to convince the others that we take it in turns to be the ‘adjuster’), sort out costs and we’re a go!  Not much to do then.

Luckily, in order to free up some time in my busy schedule, am putting the hat into nursery for a couple of mornings a week – starting this week.  Was supposed to start last week, but predictably she had some hideous viral infection with nasty temperatures and then an attractive looking rash, so couldn’t really get away with it.  Fingers crossed it goes OK.  The only times i’ve left her so far she’s literally yelled from the moment i leave to the moment i return (sorry mum)…so next week should be good.  Though we are off to see The Muppets tomorrow, fingers crossed that doesn’t end up setting the tone for the week’s activity.

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