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March 2, 2012

Well, think that i’ve perhaps taken this getting involved thing a step too far…have been asked to join the Belle Vue Arts Festival Committee.  Me?  Who was told at 12 that i could not take art any further…ha!  Who has the last laugh now then?!!!  Anyway, very excited about this – at least it’s something that i can actually put on my CV to show for this year.  And will be a great way of meeting people.  Organising the yoga class however has run into some problems.  Not least of which is insurance – who knew?  And getting a teacher (jaysus, you want how much per hour?!), and a venue (really??).  Plus of course the fact that despite sending out quite a few emails to the people who apparently showed interest, have had only one reply.  Ah well.  I shall persevere until no one shows, and then throw in the towel.  In the meantime, one of the yoga teachers invited me to accompany her to an ashtanga session in wales last night.  Which was actually great.  Just an arse of a commute. Though, as Richard (he who runs the class) pointed out, i would think nothing of travelling for 50 mins in London, so why is it any different here?  Well, for starters, i probably wouldn’t travel 50 mins in London to get to a class (cos there’d be one much closer….).  But, i guess this is one of those things that i just have to come to terms with…in the country you have to travel far (and you get further in 50 mins than you would in London) to get what you want.  People are used to it.  So i must get used to it too.  Sigh.

However, interesting thing about last night was that i ran into my first bit of proper sullen insularness.  Along with Ally the yoga teacher, a girl called Tracey came too.  My god.  The way she acted you would have thought that she was 12 and that i was trying to take away her best friend.  She got in the car and refused to speak to me.  On making polite conversation (“so what do you do Tracey?”), she barked “too much!” and then refused to talk, making poor Ally explain what she did.  Eventually, once we got there (a bit early), i made a bit of headway, getting her to open up about her dog and that she was going to go to Crufts.  But by gahd it was hard work.  Her dog (puppy really), an Alsatian cross (though with what she wouldn’t explain), apparently has behavioural problems.  It doesn’t socialise well and can be vicious towards other dogs.  Ha!  i thought, i wonder where the poor woofer gets that from?!?!!!  The return journey was even more bizarre, with her claiming shotgun (“i want to sit next to my friend Ally”), and then ensuring that in all conversations she made it abundantly clear that i was encroaching on her territory (steering the conversation clumsily round to parties that i hadn’t been to, and pointing out that she goes round to Ally’s house all the time etc etc etc).  All incredibly odd.  And rude.  Culminating in not even saying ‘goodbye’ to me.  Man alive.  But her problem not mine.  In fact, probably poor Ally’s problem.  The girl obviously has serious issues, and clinging onto her yoga/ballet teacher like that is just unhealthy.

And so to tonight – Advolly and Paul are coming round for our turn to feed them.  After last night’s weirdness will be nice to spend some time with normal people!!!  Though must try not to get too drunk…

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