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International Women of Shrewsbury Unite

March 8, 2012

So, think that perhaps i took the ‘getting into the community spirit’ thing a step too far.  Advolly popped by to invite me to throw petals into the river, and seen as how i think that she’s pretty normal, and a good judge of character, i thought ‘why not?’.  Sounded a bit hippyish (not really Advolly’s style tbh), but right up my alley obvs.  And so, down we went, picking up another neighbour on the way (more on her in a wee bit).  And so we arrived, to find a motley crew of about 5 other wimmin – 2 from Oxfam (the most ordinary of the lot), 2 from ‘Self Help Africa’, and a proper hippy (replete with sarong, sandals and dreads…in her 50’s).  All very nice and well meaning, though as soon as i was asked to help out at a doula workshop, we made a swift exit – sadly not before i’d handed over my email address, dear god, to the woman with bright blue and pink rinses through her grey hair.  Photos were taken, and am nervous that i’ll see myself in the local press…which i maybe in anyway, having written a stern email to them after they published a horrifically parochial and prejudiced article about gay marriage (damn email and it’s ease).  Someone needs to stop me.  I need a job or else i’m going to start making a real nuisance of myself!!!

Luckily, work, of the unpaid kind, is piling up.  I attended my first committee meeting for the Belle Vue Arts Festival.  Where i am known now as ‘the young Rosie’.  Brilliant.  Was only the other night waking up in a cold sweat that i’d be 40 soon, so there’s nothing like joining a bunch of retirees to be make me feel OK about that.  The meeting was very jovial and eclectic as you’d expect, thank god i wasn’t taking the minutes!  But there’s loads to do, and since i’ve absolutely NO IDEA about what’s occurred in the past (or indeed what the bloody festival entails), i am somewhat behind the curve.  But looking forward to catching up, fast.  Have organised a sub-committee (ha ha get me), to meet at mine in a fortnights time, to go through all the planned events, their budgets and and who’s doing what.  I imagine that from that point on it will be all stations go.  Excellent.

And potentially i can help out on another small art charity (mwahahahaha, soon all small arts groups in west shropshire will be under my grasp) – the Visual Arts Network – chaired by the neighbour who i met today.  Bless her, her eyes lit up when i mentioned that i did marketing…anyway, not about to rush into another project, but am sure that i’ll catch up with her shortly and see if i can suggest anything helpful.  Best to keep me occupied, and since the yoga project is running into difficulties (though not dead yet, just got to find a damn venue), i need other things, as otherwise i’ll have to really think about paid work…which i should really be thinking about anyway but…in the meantime am having fun mingling!!!

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