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First sign of madness

March 21, 2012

Not too sure if weighing your tits counts as madness, or just boredom, but i was much disappointed to learn that rather than accounting for a good stone of my weight, they barely qualify for a pound.  Damn.  But real madness is lying in bed, creating imaginary jobs, then engineering situations where that job went bad, and then stressing about that, for hours…i definitely need to find something to do, and soon, before i start getting extreme!  Luckily, the next committee meeting is on Thursday, where i can at last get my teeth into what exactly is going on, what needs doing, and put forward some of the ideas that i’ve had…and get working on them!  Am optimistic at the moment, that this will lead me to meet and network with all kinds of people, and from there, well, you never know, what might arise.  Ideally some kind of paid work, as the car insurance is up, and i’m somewhat struggling to work out where we’re going to find the cash from.  In my carefully worked out budgets i totally forgot about that rather large expense.  Ah well!

Other than that, all is going swimmingly here.  Have finally found a yoga teacher who’s good.  Though, he is based in deepest darkest midwales.  A good hours drive, but worth it.  Is amazing how as soon as you hit the border, the countryside changes, and becomes gloriously hilly and full of lambs.  He does an ashtanga class on a thursday and an advanced hatha class on a Tuesday, so that combined with the class just down the road on a wednesday should get me fit, and help shift this last half bloody stone.  Easter’s my new deadline.  So much for 9 months on, 9 months off…

PS. Will post some pics soon xxx

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  1. March 28, 2012 8:52 pm

    Funny that you are on a festival for the arts committee cuz so is your Dadda. And I am organizing a cabaret for same. when is yours scheduled for? Ours is the weekend of July 16.

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