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Sewerly you’re joking?

March 28, 2012

Oh i’m loving my neighbours at the moment.  Whilst in battersea i knew my neighbours, here they’re just wonderful.  Peter, bless him, came to help out with our heinous blocked sewer issue (yes, more on this in a moment), and Paul came round with candles when we all had a power cut.  As i can’t really do anything handy, repaid both their favours with cake – some coffee and walnut for Peter and a tarte au citron for Paul…admitedly both were half eaten, but still….i’m sure they appreciated it!!!!

Now, in London, one is so far removed from almost anything that happens outside your door, as to make you completely immune to it (or perhaps that’s just me and my ostrich tendencies?).  Anyway, who knew that you can’t put baby wipes down the toilet?  So, after 6 months of glibly doing just that, it finally caught up with me.  The day before the landlord turned up (determined bless him to solve the problem himself) i had a passing thought that perhaps that might be the issue, but dismissed it obvs.  Of course, the day at which everything all had to be sorted was also the day that i had the sub-committee over to my house for the first time.  In an effort to impress, and to possibly mask the smell, i baked a massive coffee and walnut cake, so was looking quite the domestic goddess as the land lord and lady rocked up.  Well, in my head at any rate.  And so, as they opened up the drain, and the full extent of our negligence came to light (um, EUK), i soon realised that, no matter what the landlord and Peter did with rakes and sticks and other things, that they were not going to fix the problem.  Still, at that point i was gloriously, stupidly, unaware that there might be bigger implications than just my drains.  Never occurred to me that i might have managed to fuck up the entire street’s….well, not until i mentioned it to the mums at nursery whilst picking up no1 child, who then pointed this out to me.  As i walked back from nursery, i kid you not, the council had men sorting out a drain just down the road.  As our little universe was busy trying to make conversation with the men in the big yellow flashing interesting truck, i grabbed his hand and ran with the (valid) excuse of having to get back for the committee meeting (and dyno rod).  Two days ago, there was another council drain truck parked outside.  No one’s dobbed me in yet (cakes and puddings working a treat), but am literally waiting for a knock…and a fine?!?!?  Anyway, lesson well learnt.  I promise!

And so to the power cut – another country episode ticked off my box.  Might have been more dramatic if it hadn’t happened about 10 mins before my ridiculously early bed-hour.  None the less, i ventured outside to see who else was affected…not really expecting to see anyone…and i’ll be honest, my trooosers might have been a wee bit undone (nothing that couldn’t be covered by my jumper, but still, a bit too relaxed really).  Was staring at the stars – cor they were properly amazing, when was surprised by Paul and Tilly proffering candles, as they rightly guessed i didn’t have any to hand.  Though, being the hardy city chick that i once was, had been coping brilliantly with the light from my mobile phone.  Ha!  Who needs candles?  Actually, was lovely to have a few candles lit, if only briefly.  Needless to say, woke at 3am to find all the lights on etc etc, at least i had remembered to actually turn the telly off.

Pics and news of kids tomorrow i promise, as we enjoy the continued amazing weather and our fabulous garden.  Paddling pool out tomorrow…

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