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Bundle of Bugs

March 29, 2012
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And so, what of the children???  Well, the hat’s been keeping me occupied with a bombardment of bugs over the past fortnight.  Last Thursday, ‘terrible thursday’, the day when everything happened at once (the cake making, the sewer issue, the committee meeting, oh and i also had a mad dash down to london for an evening of frivolity with my Sun girls…) she came out in a delightful rash.  Picture perfect.  Not.  Once again, the image that i have in my head, of living the bucolic dream, is thwarted by the reality of kids.  Am hoping the cake baking masked it all, but despite it’s size (really Delia?  that mixture makes two cakes?  not in my books…so double the calories please for me and my guests…), am not sure that i’m fooling anyone.  Least of all the landlords, who you’ll remember, last time they turned up, were greeted by me on 2hrs sleep and a baby who you could cook eggs on…hey ho.

No sooner was that over, well i say over, but it’s still hanging around…than she developed some heinous stomach bug.  Bloody Nursery.  Which, btw, she seems to be settling into OK.  In that she’s eating, though not sleeping, and not crying for hours (i like to think).  So the stomach bug started on Sunday, with some delightful projectile vomit.  Poor Betty the dog, who was visiting (much to both kids amusement) along with Granddad Peter and Penny, narrowly missed having to have a bath.  However, she seemed fine, a bit off her food, but since she eats better than no1 child most days, i wasn’t too bothered.  Monday saw some fantastic poo explosions, but again, she didn’t seem bothered in herself.  And so to Tuesday, or rather Monday night.  No1 child woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of puke, which i couldn’t deal with, as was having issues last seen in India myself.  Dear god, i was knocked for 6.  Couldn’t move for about 24 hours, apart from very quickly to the bathroom, and Adam had to stay home from work to look after the 3 of us.  Hat still exploding periodically, but fine in herself…did attempt to put her into nursery, but was quickly called to retrieve her.  Wee Universe however just not right in himself, though luckily, to date, no explosions – which may intact  be worse as he’s keeping it all in?  So, apologies for the TMI, but hey…i do like to share.  I’m fine now (a couple of pounds lighter – wahey), but both the hat (fine in herself, but still exploding down below) and little man (not fine in himself, but still no explosions) are still suffering, poor lambs.

But the big news is, the hat’s crawling!!!  Well, i say crawling, she’s still not worked out that she can travel large distances, and complains vociferously that she has to move at all, but there is definite knee and arm action going on.  Have been saying “won’t be long now” for so long now that i’ve bored myself, but hell, just for the craic, it shouldn’t be long now til she’s really annoying no1 child!!!  And possibly me.  Might have to get those stair gates up, finally.  Though, probably won’t need to really get them up for a while eh?  No point over exerting ourselves and actually doing something around the house in good time.  Not when there’s still pictures to put up from September.  Ahem.

In light of all the above, you can see why i’ve been struggling to get a decent picture of them.  Below is far from decent, but at least they don’t look too ill!  And shows off our wonderful garden!!!  All my own work, obvs.  Just don’t tell anyone about the gardener that comes with the rent.  Thank God.  It’d look like a hay field if we had to sort it!

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