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OMG. Am officially middleaged…

April 6, 2012

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I was going to write a nice, put potentially slightly dull blog  (a mid-season filler if you will) about the weather, and it’s insane vagueries, but events have superceeded that.  And the pictures will suffice to tell that story.

No, what happened yesterday has scared me.  Nay, shocked me.  I think that i have pre-maturely reached middle-agedom.  If there are 7 ages of man (sexist bloody shakespeare), i think that there are 7 signs of middle age, and am currently ticking most of the boxes.

1.  You’re over 40.

(admittedly i’m still a few years off this, but if you’re only as young as the man you feel, then i’m well over…)

2.  Hangovers are totally disproportionate to the amount of booze that you’ve consumed.

(probably something to do with the infrequency of opportunity…)

3.  You can’t lie-in.


4.  You have turned into your mother.

(can give you a million examples of this, but the latest is keeping the satsumas in the fridge, even no1 child has started commenting that i’m doing things ‘like grandma’)

5.  Conversations about the local schools are interesting.

(hmmm, not only interesting, but i can even join in, and have been known to initiate one or two, shame)

6.  Foundation suddenly seems like a good idea.

(cor, it don’t half make a difference)

7.  You join the National Trust.

(and this is the real crux of the matter.  We nipped off to Attingham House to have a quick butchers and kill a few hours over the Easter break.  No quicker could the receptionist ask us for £20 just to go in, than i’d signed up to a year’s membership…money well spent.  Could easily spend another 4 or 5 days at Attingham House.  It’s pretty amazing, and there’s nothing quite like walking round a grand house pretending that it’s yours.  Plus, we can now park for free in a whole load of random, isolated car parks.  Brilliant.  And we’ve got a car sticker and everything…oh yea, rocking the estate with a national trust sticker look like you wouldn’t believe.)

ah well.  At least i’m back into my pre-pregnancy jeans (pre-middle aged jeans), just hope i can carry them off now that i’m officially old!!!

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